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Secrets to Masculinity? Androgens!



Have you ever written a blog? This will be my first time to write/post a blog, I never thought that I will be experiencing to write/create a blog. So first, what is a blog? According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, "a blog is a web site that contains an outline of a personal journal with reflections, and hyperlinks provided by a writer." So let's get down to business, I'm about to introduce my topic which is about "Androgens"

The first time that I've encountered "Androgens" was when I was a 2nd year student taking up B.S. Medical Technology. It was discussed by my professor in a subject named, "Human Anatomy & Physiology". Honestly I was never interested in that topic because it was about the "Endocrine System", which I find difficult during that time.

So let's get a glimpse on what androgens are. It can also be called as the "Male Hormone". What is Androgen anyway? And why do you need to know it? 

Basically, Androgens are hormones (Accdg. to Seeley’s Principles of Anatomy & Physiology, "a hormone is a substance secreted by the endocrine tissues that acts on a target tissue to produce a specific response") that play a major role in male traits. Present in both male and female, Androgens have a more prominent and noticeable effect on men especially their influence in the male reproductive system. Serious body complications and diseases arise related to high or low production of this hormone.

A specific example is Prostate Cancer which is very common and only happens to the male population. Information about androgens can help prevent this type of cancer, new ways and treatment have been discoverd concerning prostate cancer and androgens.

A broader definition of what androgen is was stated in a book entitled Our Sexuality by Robert Crooks, it says that, "Androgens are a class of hormones that promote the development of male genitals and secondary sex characteristics and influences sexual motivation in both sexes. These hormones are produced by the adrenal glands in males and females and by the testes in males".

About 95% of these hormones are secreted by the testes in the form of testosterone, which is the most potent of all androgens.  

So what is Testosterone? (According to John W. Hole Jr.'s Human Anatomy & Physiology, Testosterone is the most abundant of the androgens, & when it is secreted it is transported in the loosely to plasma proteins). It has two kind of effects in the body and can be classified as anabolic and androgenic. In anabolic, it means it builds up bone and muscle mass. While androgenic, it means it is responsible for the maturation of the sex organ, particularly the penis, during the formation of the scrotum in the fetus and in puberty. One more fact of testosterone is its responsibility for secondary sex characteristics in males, such as the growth of the beard and body hair, as well as the deepening tone of the male’s voice.

After discussing the basic definition of androgen lets move on to the major roles of the said hormone.

Androgens Role in Males:

  Androgens play a massive role in the males than in females which include the following factors:

1.) Bone Mass

 -Increase periosteum in men, which is the main reason for their larger bone size and thicker cortical bone.

Bone Mass

2.) Muscle Mass:

-Males produce higher amounts of androgens, which result in higher muscle mass than females.
-Promotes the enlargement of muscle cells of the body especially in men than in women.

Muscle Mass

  3.) Hair Growth:

 -The androgen group is the major factor that determines hair distribution and development in the body.
 -Testosterone determines hair growth. 5a-reductase converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone  (DHT) in the hair follicle

Hair Growth Cycle

   4.) Libido:

 -Natural androgens promote and support the sexual quality of life. One fact is , that sexually active  men have higher testosterone level than others. Unfortunately, those who have excessive androgens,  have a side effect of irritability and over sensivity.


By reading this blog you my reader got a brief introduction and oriention on what this specific hormone in our body can do. By knowing these facts we learn to prevent certain circumstances and outcomes that could put our very lives in great danger. By reading short yet informative blogs, articles, news, etc we get to feed our minds useful informations that could help us in the future. Thank you and Godbless! 


For more information on how this hormone is produced, I've included 2 videos about testosterone. Hope it helps you to understand the mechanism and all you need to know about it, the hormone that is the most potent of all androgens produce in males.



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